Nissan 370Z

Friday, 22 July 2011
No doubt about it, the 2011 spec Nissan 370Z is a striking looking car.

Sharp looks are matched by dyanamic handling and honed performance. It is a two-seat performance machine that blends genuine excitement with typical Nissan qualities of innovation and premium performance.

This two door, two seat coupe looks more muscular than the previous Z car the 350. Where the 350’s body was flowing and curvy, the 370 is more angular and edgy. The end result works very well.

It’s also trimmed down a bit. The car is 3.9 inches shorter in the wheelbase and 2.7inches shorter overall than its predecessor. It rear end is a bit wider with an increase in its rear track of 2.2inches.
The interior is very good and has a real sporty feel to it. The seats are great but don’t expect a lounge chair. These sports seats are snug and firm and for some people that will compromise the comfort a little.

There are plenty of nice touches including and updated stat nav, Bose sound system, cruise control, key entry and push button start. The designers have also made great use of the internal space with clever little storage areas.  

The 370Z is powered by a 3.7lt V6 engine.

Fuel consumption is officially quoted as 11.2lt per 100km for the manual and 10.9lt for the auto. Our test car achieved around 12lt per 100km, so while the official figures may be possible, they seem a tad optimistic.

On the safety front the 370 has plenty on board. The car comes equipped with vehicle dynamic control, traction control, ABS, brake assist and electronic brake distribution as standard. You also get driver and passenger front and side airbags as well as roof mounted air curtains.

The 2011 Z also benefits from new wide angle wing mirrors and reversing camera.  

The driving experience is great and the 370Z begs to be driven. The car feels strong and solid. The handling is precise and the brakes are fantastic.

Overall the ride is firm and little harsh at times especially on bumpy roads. The other issue here is the interior noise levels. Motoring along the freeway the road noise is very apparent. Increasing the volume of the stereo may be a short term fix but if you prefer a quite ride then this will annoy you.

The other thing you’ll notice is the lack rear side vision so watch out for the blind spot with the C pillar. Even with the wide –angle mirrors adjusted to the maximum you will need to double check before you change lanes.

We also had an issue with the fact that there is no barrier between the cockpit and the cargo area. Whilst you may not carry much around there will be times when you’ll be loaded up with the shopping. This could create some big safety issues if you have to brake hard or if you’re in a crash. 

These are possibly the only negatives on what is otherwise an outstanding package.

It must be said that the 370Z is a real driver’s car. It is great fun to drive and you’ll look good in it!

In sports car terms it is also a bit of a bargain. You could easily pay double to get a similar look and performance level from a European brand.

Nissan currently have a drive away price of $75,109 and you also get 3 year 100,000km warranty and 3 year roadside assistance.

It is also the perfect cure for that mid life crisis.     

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