McLaren 12C Spider

Friday, 13 July 2012
McLaren Automotive has announced its second model, one that will stir the soul even more than its first: the 625PS, twin-turbo V8-engined, open roofed 12C Spider.

The 12C Spider is based on the same super stiff carbon fibre MonoCell chassis as its hardtop sibling and so will be just as dynamic to drive. 

But removing the roof will dial up the sensations experienced, the emotions felt and the noise heard.  Especially at the speeds the 12C Spider will be capable of.  

And true to McLaren’s ethos of offering high performance without compromise, the 12C Spider will be more usable than any car this exciting has a right to be.

More information on this new and emotive addition to the McLaren Automotive range will be released in the next few days when ordering commences across the company’s network of retailers.

About McLaren Automotive

Chaired by Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive is an independent company based at the McLaren Technology Centre, the McLaren Group’s headquarters in Surrey (United Kingdom).

McLaren Automotive has a rich heritage in the production of sports cars. Launched in 1992, the McLaren F1 established the speed record for a production car and remains one of the most emblematic “supercars”.

 The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was the biggest selling carbon fibre car in its price band, achieving almost twice the sales of its direct competitor.

McLaren Automotive is now a fully fledged car maker and, through its network of dedicated dealers, has launched a full range of high performance sports cars manufactured at the new McLaren Production Centre.

The first model in the range is the MP4-12C. Inspired by the experience gained in Formula 1 racing, the 12C is lighter, more powerful and exclusive than its competitors, while also being more environmentally efficient.

Other models and derivatives will join the 12C in this range, all of them inheriting the technology and know-how developed in Formula 1, with the main objectives being energy efficiency and high performance.

These aims are partly achieved by the one-piece moulded carbon chassis, using a totally new and unique manufacturing process. All McLaren models are based on this innovative technology.

Over the past 30 years, all cars produced by McLaren, whether for competition or road use, have been made on a carbon chassis.

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