A Ferrari That Can Tell If You're In The Mood

Friday, 21 January 2011
The international motoring media has kicked off the new year with news that Ferrari has reportedly applied for a patent relating to advanced technology that can monitor driver reactions and adjust various electronic safeguards to reduce the chances of a crash.

“The patent application states: “Drivers tend to miscalculate – in particular, over-estimate – their driving skill and, more importantly, their psychological condition, with the result that driver-selected dynamic vehicle performance reflects the driver’s wish, as opposed to the driver’s actual psycho-physical condition and proficiency.”

The technology is said to monitor various driver reactions and actions, such as eye movement, how fast the driver is blinking, heart rate, skin temperature, perspiration levels and the rate of breathing.

It’s even said to be able to monitor brainwave activity and blood pressure, providing detailed data that can then be used to adjust various electronic systems, including the stability control.

Such mood-sensing technology could be used to dull the car’s senses – and potentially even reduce power output or throttle sensitivity – or ensure other crash avoidance technologies kick in earlier.

At the same time, when a driver is alert and involved it could ensure the car is in its most responsive mode, providing a more rewarding experience.”

It’s an intriguing proposition as well as an important one in that it recognises driver attitude plays a key roll in enhancing the driving experience as well as safety.

Even if we can’t afford one of these new high tech Ferraris, we can certainly perform a ‘mood diagnostic’ on ourselves and make sure we ‘self-calibrate’ attitudes before we switch on the ignition.

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