Aussie Adults Lack Basic Road Safety Know How

Wednesday, 24 October 2012
Volkswagen has today released a report into Australian road safety habits, to coincide with National Kidsafe Day 2012.

National Kidsafe Day 2012 serves as a reminder to families that child injury prevention is not about the grazes.

Each week in Australia, 5 children are killed from preventable injuries. Road injuries are a major cause of these deaths.

The Volkswagen Safer Roads Report revealed that many Australian adults are failing to apply basic road safety measures with nearly a quarter (22%) of drivers reporting they’d allow children under their supervision to travel in a car unrestrained.

The study also showed that Australians are becoming increasingly laidback when it comes to crossing the road. More than a third (35%) of parents reported they do not look left and right before crossing the road with children, while 29% of parents admit that although they take their child’s hand, they don’t slow down to check for traffic as they approach roads.

Mr Peter Gibson, National President of Kidsafe, is calling on Australians to put road safety back on the agenda.

“The findings of the Volkswagen Safer Roads Report indicate we’ve become complacent when it comes to basic road safety practices. There have been 90 road deaths among 0-16 year olds from July 2011 until the same time in 2012, we really need to do everything we can to bring this number down.”

“As President of Kidsafe, I’m urging Australian parents and grandparents to go back to road safety basics and make sure they’re putting their children’s safety top of mind when it comes to the road,” said Mr Gibson.

The Wiggles are also behind National Kidsafe Day, recording a road safety song based on the findings of the Volkswagen Safer Roads Report. The song, which was recorded by Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony, is the final song they will collaborate on before they embark on their celebration tour.

Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field, is thrilled with the new song and glad to be lending a hand to National Kidsafe Day 2012 and the Volkswagen Safer Roads Report .

“Road safety is an issue close to the hearts of Jeff, Murray, Greg and myself, so we really wanted to be involved with the Volkswagen Safer Roads Report and Kidsafe Day. The song was inspired by one of the most alarming stats that came out from the research – 36% of young children unbuckle themselves from their restraint while in a moving car!” said Mr Field.

Managing Director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler hopes that the attention National Kidsafe Day brings to road safety will help make Australians more conscious of safe habits on the road.

“Road safety is of huge importance at Volkswagen Australia. We hope that the Volkswagen Safer Roads Report, together with The Wiggles new song Beep, Beep Buckle Up! helps to encourage drivers and passengers to be more attentive. We’re really proud to be partnering with Kidsafe and highlighting the road safety message on National Kidsafe Day,” said Ms Koeckler.

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