Blind To Danger

Friday, 2 July 2010

According to Russell White, lead driver educator and road safety advocate, most people have their vehicle’s mirrors set up incorrectly, leaving them at risk at accidentally side swiping another vehicle.

“Most people set up their wing mirrors so the edge of their car is visible,” he said.
“That reduces the amount of information available to you and actually extends blind spots.

“In addition, keeping the mirrors in that position forces drivers to twist right around to look behind them and that presents all sorts of issues including slowing reaction times to deal emerging events up ahead.

“Also, turning the upper part of the body around causes many drivers to unintentionally turn the steering wheel in the direction they’re looking without even realising it. It can even aggravate neck and back issues.”

Russell recommends drivers fan the wing mirrors out until the view across all three mirrors is a complete panorama of the view behind.

“The new arrangement can take a little getting used to but setting up mirrors in this way reduces the amount of blind spot drivers have to contend with,” he said.

“It also has the added benefit of not requiring drivers to shift from their seat to when changing lanes – a simple shoulder look to the left or the right as a double check will be sufficient.”

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