CARMA Road Safety Program Launches

Monday, 16 August 2010

With the unveiling of the new Australiasian road safety campaign ‘CARMA’ the time has arrived for all Australian and New Zealand motorists to find out if their driving behaviours have given them either good or bad ‘CARMA’ – and discover what they can do to improve it.

Following Australia’s highly-successful Supercheap Auto – Driving Home Road Safety campaign, CARMA is aimed at improving motorists’ driving habits and reducing the country’s road toll through identifying common behaviours that contribute to incidents of road trauma.

Passionate road safety advocate and V8 Supercar legend Russell Ingall is the ambassador for CARMA, and said he is excited about the potential for this new campaign.

“Driving a motor vehicle is one of the most complex activities anyone can do, and there are so many variables outside of the road rules that can influence the events of any trip,” Mr Ingall said.

“I’m so excited to see how this campaign will improve people’s CARMA, because it’s the driver’s behaviours and awareness that can make the biggest difference in reducing our nation’s road toll.”

Mr Ingall said in rolling-out the CARMA campaign, a number of television community service announcements will hit the air very soon.

“CARMA also has its own dedicated website which is a free online resource for everyone to use as a valuable resource including road safety tips and advice, and the opportunity to sign up for practical courses,” Mr Ingall said.

Russell Ingall will be joined in his mission to positively affect people’s CARMA by one of the world’s leading road safety campaigners, Russell White.

Mr White said being a part of CARMA was something he was extremely proud of and looking forward to seeing a positive reaction from the Australian community.

“I’ve been campaigning to educate drivers about the importance of changing their habits for almost all my professional career, as I’ve seen first-hand the difference having a greater sense of awareness makes to staying safe,” Mr White said.

“To be involved with CARMA is so exciting, because the message is all about positive, simple actions everyone can take which help make the roads a safer place for all road users.“And creating a safer road environment for everyone is my idea of good CARMA,” Mr White said.

Supercheap Auto Chief Operating Officer David Ajala said Supercheap Auto were proud to be able to support the CARMA campaign, and that Russell Ingall and Russell White would form the perfect team for such a venture.

“Supercheap Auto – Driving Home Road Safety was a unique and successful campaign that we’re now building on with CARMA,” Mr Ajala said.

“We are very supportive of CARMA and feel this is going to be even more beneficial to Australians of all ages, with helpful online advice on how to improve driver behaviour, ongoing television tips and regular updates to keep driver safety top of mind for all of us.

“We are also excited to see Russell Ingall and Russell White teaming up to promote this campaign, as their combined experience and complimentary skills make them ideal spokespeople and role models.”

In 2008, there were 1464 road fatalities* in Australia alone, of which 49% were single vehicle crashes. A further 16% involved pedestrians. Finalised national road toll figures for 2009 are still to be released.

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