Local 4BC listeners take on driving experiment

Friday, 5 August 2011

Three enthusiastic 4BC local listeners volunteered to be a part of an age assessment driving experiment. Toni (23), Anne (44) and James (77) all participated in a half day driving assessment course which took place at the DriverSafety.com.au office.

Each participant was submitted to an online risk assessment which establishes areas of strength and exposes weaknesses with regards driver attitude, road rule knowledge, concentration and observation skills, and hazard perception.

Participants were then required to drive a typical urban route on the Road Safety Driving Simulator. An instructor recorded observations with regards adherence to road rules, vehicle positioning, observation and scanning skills, hand positioning and steering technique, interpretation of instructions and response to distraction.

 A 1 hour classroom session outlining the importance of correct posture, balance and technique followed. Participants received tuition in motor vehicle safety systems, vehicle dynamics and the bio-mechanics of driving. 

An on road component completed the training aspect. All of the participants, accompanied by a Driversafety.com.au instructor, completed a road loop and were given the opportunity to put their new skills into practice.

Again observations were recorded and each driver was given a rating between 1 and 10. The score reflected the participants’ adherence to traffic law, awareness and interaction with other road users, observation and scanning skill, control and understanding of vehicle dynamics, seating position and setup.

Click below to listen to the 4BC audio from the day.


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