Remote Control Parking

Thursday, 16 February 2012
The debate about which gender is better at parking could be over. The title goes to.....the smartphone.

Thanks to international automotive component manufacturer Valeo, parking your car could be as easy as tapping the screen on your i-phone.

Valeo demonstrated the Park4U® Remote technology at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

Park4U® Remote offers automatic parking that requires no input from the driver.

The system can be activated from inside the vehicle or remotely using a smartphone.

Parking assistance has become one of the most popular innovations in recent years. Valeo
was the first supplier to market this feature; it appeared on mid-range vehicles in 2007.

The second generation is even more advanced, assisting the driver through any number of
forward-reverse manoeuvres until the vehicle is properly parked, requiring only 40cm on either side of the vehicle.

It also helps drivers with perpendicular parking and in manoeuvring out of a parking space.

The system automatically calculates the manoeuvres required to exit the space.

Park4U® Remote is fully automatic, requiring no driver input. The driver may remain inside the vehicle, without touching the pedals or the wheel, or stand outside the car and start the
Manoeuvre using a smartphone.

Park4U® Remote is synchronized with the smartphone using software compatible with Apple-OS and Android.

The system isn’t available in showrooms just yet it but it’s clear that technology is well advanced. So if you’re a techno geek you shouldn’t have too long to wait.

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