Rising Figures Drive New Towing Course

Friday, 25 March 2011
Escalating production figures for recreational vehicles and the changing face of road travel in Australia, has prompted the release of an innovative new course aimed at improving safety on Australian roads.

Driver Safety.com.au is launching a practical new course catering for both experienced and first time towers. Professional instruction will be offered through interactive online training and onroad personal towing sessions.

Catering for all drivers manoeuvring mobile homes, caravans, camper vans, boat trailers, jet skis, box trailers and floats, the courses aim to sharpen the skills of experienced drivers as well as provide potentially life-saving education to beginners.

In a move to facilitate ‘real life learning’, Driver Safety.com.au is offering a Personal Towing Course with expert trainers available to travel to a venue of choice for drivers located from the Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast regions in Queensland. Participants will be able to complete oneon- one towing training using their own recreational vehicle, with partners also encouraged to attend and become actively involved.

The new offering is based on outcomes of research conducted through various bodies including industry association Caravanning Queensland, as well as CARRS-Q Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety.

Production of recreational vehicles has quadrupled since the 1990’s and figures from the Caravan, RV and Accommodation Industry of Australia indicate there are currently more than 400,000 caravans, motor homes and campervans alone registered to Australian drivers, who collectively spend more than $123 million on recreational product at five state caravan shows each year.

Leading road safety expert, founder of acclaimed national initiative - Fatality Free Friday and Managing Director of Driver Safety.com.au, Russell White, says “the new course has been established to better educate drivers about the critical way in which towing alters the dynamics of a vehicle.
Understanding correct towing techniques, participating in problem solving education and developing methods for dealing with other road users can be the difference between enjoying a rewarding journey and potential involvement in a life threatening

For drivers of any age and degree of road experience, Mr White adds, “better towing proficiency not only equates to safer travel and reduced driver fatigue, but also eliminates some of the inevitable tension and frustration that can occur between travelling companions along the way.”

Road trauma is a significant social and economic issue for communities across Australia. Current figures indicate that more than 1500 people are killed as a result of crashes on our roads every year. Many more are hospitalised as a direct result of road accident injuries.

Despite road conditions and vehicle safety having improved over the years, Driver Safety.com.au believe a more holistic approach is required to tackle driver safety overall.

According to Russell White, “Many drivers underestimate the challenges of towing. The new course has been developed in response to recognition that towing a large caravan or trailer of any kind requires a different skill set and often presents many unique and unforeseen consequences for drivers.”

Driver Safety.com.au operate a broad range of innovative and specialized training courses, clinics and training resources for both fleet and individual education, equipping drivers with acritical advantage on the road.

Online Towing courses start from only $29.95

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