Ultimate Crash Test

Thursday, 27 October 2011
Any head on crash will be catastrophic and there is no escaping the fact the higher the speed, the greater the impact forces will be.

The impact speed has a large effect on the risk of serious injury to occupants. Even a small increase in impact speed (eg 10km/h) could turn an easily survival crash into one where occupants have a high risk of serious injury.

Organisations such as ANCAP regularly conduct crash tests to assess the safety of new cars. These tests include a frontal offset crash simulation conducted at 64km/h. So what would happen if you crashed a car travelling at more than 3 times that speed into a concrete barrier?

The team from the British TV show Fifth Gear decided to find out. The test involved crashing a Ford Focus hatchback into a solid wall at 193 km/h (120mph).

The results were very graphic. Watch the video to see just how bad it was.

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