Head Rests

Wednesday, 27 July 2011
Most people would view headrests being there just for comfort.

However the humble head rest has a much more important role to play as a safety feature. In fact, it would possibly be a better description to call it an anti-whiplash cushion or head support.

The idea of this device is to help prevent your head and neck being damaged in a crash. If not supported correctly the head and shoulders can hyper-extend in a collision and that can be a big problem.

The head rest needs to be correctly adjusted in order for it to work effectively.

If it is too low the person's head could be thrown over the head rest during a crash, greatly increasing the likelihood of an injury.

The top of the head rest should be at eye level or as high as it can be adjusted. This is often overlooked by most drivers because they are unaware of its importance. So make sure that it is fitted properly before you drive off especially if the car is driven by more than one person.

Finally, to would be wise to ensure that all your passengers have adjusted their head rests too.

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