Checking the Lights

Monday, 8 August 2011
Your car’s external lighting system consists of your headlights, brake and tail lights and your indictors.

These are all vital for safety because they allow you to see and be seen.

The indictors also your only real means of letting other drivers know your intensions.

So we need to make sure that they’re all working correctly.

There are a couple of ways you can check this.

1. When you have stopped in the garage (with the engine shut down) and the roller door is down go through all the lights to ensure that they are all functioning.

You'll be able to see by the reflections on the walls etc if all the lights are working.

2. You may be able to see your lights in the windows from a house across the street. This makes life easy because you can see the reflection in your mirrors as you back out of the driveway.

3. If an indicator is broken it may flash at a faster rate.

If you notice that a light is out it must be replaced. This is not a difficult thing to do but if you are unsure check the owner’s manual. If the car has a major lighting failure, get it to an auto electrical or your service centre for repairs.

Also, if you’re towing be sure to do a full check of the trailers lights below taking to the road. It’s most likely you’ll need to find someone to help you with this. Ask them to walk around the trailer as you check the system.

Many cars today also have an adjustable switch for the headlights. This can be adjusted to suit the driver’s position and the car’s ride height. It pays to check this as well, your headlights may be positioned incorrectly and not giving you the best view of the road ahead.

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