Road Courtesy

Thursday, 26 July 2012
As the volume of traffic on our roads has increased, it seems our ability to deal with it in many ways has decreased.

Things like road rage just didn’t seem to exist that long ago, but now it is a regular occurrence.

Police aren’t even sure of the true numbers of these types of incidents because they happen in varying degrees and many go unreported.

Road rage has led to all sorts of low acts, ranging from horn blowing and fist waving, all the way through to one driver deliberately crashing into another vehicle because they were so angry with what the other driver had done.

Innocent people have even been killed as a result of this kind of automotive brawling. And usually it all started because the person cut them off or made a simple mistake.
We need to remember that we are all human and we will make mistakes from time –to- time, so it would be a good idea to allow for it in your driving.

These changes are likely to be little things but they will make a big difference. It could just mean giving another driver the opportunity merge buy giving them some space to fit in and if someone gives you some room, a friendly wave to say thanks would be a good idea. It is also wise to signal your intensions and indicate well before you turn or change lanes.

It gives other drivers plenty of time to move across or to get out of the way.

These changes are likely to be little things but they will make a big difference.

Remember that old saying, “what goes around comes around” well it applies to driving as well. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to always be having some kind of aggressive road encounter?

This could be a work mate who comes into the office each day with a tale of how someone wronged them on the way in this morning.

It could be that they attract that kind of situation because of their own behaviour and attitude. By changing your attitude it’s amazing how driving can become a much more pleasant experience. It is all about co-operating with other road users and trying to make life on the road as easy as possible.

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