Sharing the road with oversize vehicles

Monday, 17 June 2013
Oversize vehicles play an important role on our roads. When it comes to moving houses, large machinery or agricultural equipment,
it usually takes an oversize vehicle to do the job safely and well.

By definition, oversize vehicles are unusually wide, high, long or any combination of these.

Because of their dimensions, oversize vehicles can create a hazard for unwary motorists. To avoid this problem, the law requires safety measures for oversize vehicles.

If a heavy vehicle is wider than 3.5m, a pilot or escort vehicle will precede or follow it along the road.

A pilot vehicle has yellow flashing lights and an OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD sign on its roof.

An escort vehicle has yellow flashing lights and yellow and white wigwag lights and an OVERSIZE LOAD AHEAD sign on its roof. In general, the bigger the vehicle and its load, the more pilot or escort vehicles it will have.

When you see a pilot or escort vehicle approaching with its warning lights flashing:

• Slow down
• Move over if necessary
• Respond to gestures by the driver of an escort vehicle
• Give way to the oversize vehicle.

If you are following an oversize vehicle, wait until the rear pilot vehicle operator signals you can overtake. Pass both pilot or escort vehicles and the oversize vehicle in one manoeuvre within the speed limit.

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