Pot Holes and Road Debris

Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Currently, many parts of Australia are dealing with, or recovering from, some of the worst flooding this country has ever seen.
These extreme events have had a massive impact on communities around the country and the devastation is so bad that it’s hard to even comprehend. 
Unfortunately, these disasters have also meant that many people’s lives will be changed forever.
It’s important to remember that once the flooding is over, there are still many potential risks that can impact on public safety.
This includes the roads and how we use them.
Our television screens have graphically shown the damage these flood waters have inflicted on our suburban streets, arterial roads and freeways. Like many of areas in the infrastructure network, they will take time to repair or rebuild.
All road users need to take this into account as our roads slowly recover.
As the flood waters subside and the clean up begins, the full impact on our roads and highways is revealed.
The streets can be filled with all kinds of debris, mud and silt. Massive potholes can appear and it may take a few days before road crews can fix them. So be on the lookout for these kinds of hazards.
Charging into a large pot hole can damage a tyre or a wheel.
Of course in the worst case scenario the road itself many have been totally destroyed.
Remember too that low laying areas may have water on them for some time. This will mean ongoing road closers, traffic delays and detours.
So listen to the advice of the authorities and take extra care around any road work sites.
As always, look as far ahead as you can and try to pick your way around these sorts of hazards. Certainly avoid driving through any flooded roads.
Back your pace off, drive to suit the conditions and tread a cautious path. 

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