A dedicated training Simulator for Learner Drivers

Increasingly, contemporary driving simulators are becoming an important tool in driver training.

Specific skills can be trained and critical learning situations can be presented repeatedly to the students. A good simulator offers opportunities for more efficient and faster learning of driver skills. Training is faster because the student is learning the driving tasks in a stress free environment.

Simworx Driversafety Simulator

Most simulators focus mainly on the basic skills and their usability is limited to the first part of driver training programs. The Simworx Driversafety Simulator practices traffic participation and training of traffic insight. Most of the lessons occur in high traffic density in built up areas, on motorways and highways.                                                                                       

The Simworx Driversafety Simulator utilizing state of the art formatted software, is ideal for teaching young drivers to drive. Driver training is faster and cheaper in our simulators compared to the traditional methods. For that purpose we offer complete driving simulator systems.

SXDTS Portable Unit

The SXDTS portable unit, comes in 2 dedicated road cases, and is especially suitable for driver training and traffic education in the classroom. It also comprises triple screen technology. The simulator features a real world steering wheel with H pattern gear shift, clutch and brake pedals, handbrake, indicator stalk, light switch and seat belt. Automatic cars are also catered for.

The student is seated in a real adjustable car seat and is surrounded with a 5.1 Dolby sound system. The Three high resolution display panels gives the student a 180-210 degree horizontal field of view. The images are presented at a very high frame rate in HD. The operator also has an LCD panel whereby they can control assignments and assess student’s progress.

Lesson Features

A total of 25 lessons are included in both simulators. 3D Dolby sound as standard, results in a more realistic traffic experience. Record & replay allows you to record (a part of) a lesson and replay it from different viewpoints. The operator has full control of lesson format from his own console and can introduce fog etc. to test the trainee in inclement conditions that they would come across in the real world.

The traffic system is very advanced, and results in highly realistic traffic scenarios. Challenges such as Freeway on and off ramps, freeway on ramp merging and lane changing in high density traffic, which includes trucks, is covered extensively. Overtaking scenarios on normal roads is another area covered within the lessons format.

The Benefits of Driving Simulators

It is an established fact that driving simulators, during novice driver training, may greatly enhance safe driving: A large scale study, performed in the US, see this link(R. Wade Allen, George D. Park, Marcia L. Cook, Dary Fiorentino, 2007), has shown that:

* When a good simulator is used, accident rate during the two year period after getting the licence, is reduced to 34% of the national average accident rate of novice drivers: simulators can definitely improve driver training and result in safer drivers. Since teen accident rates are about 5 times higher than mature drivers, the application of simulators in driver training should be seriously considered.

* The effects are largest when a wide field-of-view simulator is used with real-word image sizing, as in our SXDTS Studio Simulators

The curriculum in our simulators is even richer in content compared to the simulators used in that study, so the benefits may be even larger. The added value of a simulator depends on both:

* The level of driver training in the respective country: the simulator is a convenient instruction tool for improving the level of training when the training infrastructure in a specific country is less developed.

* The quality of the simulator and the curriculum, the better the simulator and especially the curriculum, the larger the benefits.

What are the advantages of a simulator compared to a real car in driver training ?

  • A guaranteed level of quality for all students resulting in safer driving behaviour
  • Training in a safe environment without stress which enhances learning
  • A guaranteed supply of meaningfull learning/traffic situations: this increases the effectiveness of     training substantially
  • The driving environment is fully controlled which facilitates the trainer to concentrate on one teaching objective at one time.
  • It makes it possible to promote the curriculum in advance and to evaluate progress in a methodical way
  • It makes it possible to teach the student to cope with dangerous situations that do not occur frequently on the road.
  • Fewer hours on the road: reduces fuel consumption which is good for the environment: one hour in the simulator gives a CO2 emission which is 13x less than one hour in a car
  • High quality of training in less time and at lower cost
  • Driver training can be offered for a lower price which gives a competitive advantage
  • The driving simulator is very suitable for trainees with fear of driving

Quality Driving simulators are exquisitely suited for teaching young drivers to drive: Driver training is faster and cheaper in our simulators, compared to traditional driver training.

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