Driving Simulator

DriverSafety.com.au's Australian first driving simulator that puts student and fleet drivers in realistic Australian on-road situations.

This high tech innovation brings to driver training the same advanced simulation technologies employed by NASA, fighter pilots and even surgeons.

Technology at this standard has been available only at university level for research and now DriverSafety.com.au makes it available for anyone who wants to be a better trained driver.

An Immersive Learning Experience

The portable unit features a driving cockpit, an immersive environment, real time vehicle telemetry and series of driving scenarios especially designed for Australian conditions.

The real revolution is the ability to dynamically assess drivers as they go through each course unit to monitor speed, reaction times, performance and decision making processes in real world scenarios.

Drivers are put through their paces through one of 25 programs  that cover country driving, urban environments, new driver and advanced driving scenarios. Each runs for about 20 minutes to give the driver the opportunity to practice the core skills over and over again.

This breakthrough in driver training allows drivers to experience realistic scenarios that would be too expensive or dangerous to conduct out on the road and highlights the consequences of human error.”

The simulator is an ideal tool for schools and on location in businesses that valued driver training as part of education and health and safety policies.

To find out more about our driving simulator and how we can help you, please Contact Us today.

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