Fleet Safety Management

Fact - motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace. Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation means that businesses must now view driver training as a critical segment in their overall Staff Training Plan.

There is an increased level of accountability for corporate organisations under both the Work Place Health and Safety laws as well as the Chain of Responsibility Legislation.  These requirements will only increase as greater emphasis is placed on the responsibility of companies to provide training and ensure that drivers on staff are properly skilled to operate the motor vehicle.

There is a real danger today that failure not only to comply with legislative requirements, but also demonstrate a pro-active attitude to work-related road safety may leave employers open to legal action.

Such liability may appear obvious to the transport fleet operator whose workers are, literally, 'drivers' but who wants to be sued because a member of the office staff had an accident driving across town to collect the mail?

The bottom line is this: If a staff member is driving a vehicle for work purposes, then the employer has a duty of care to ensure that all steps are taken to reduce risk and enhance their safety on the road.

We Can Help
Our extensive range of services includes on-line training programs, on-site and on the road fleet safety programs and corporate consultancy services including risk assessment, evaluation and program management. In addition to the online driver training programs you can access via this web site, driversafety.com.au also provides 'offline' services in the real world.

Significant benefits are possible by reducing work-related road crashes. These can include improved productivity, enhanced work quality, improved employee relations and reduced operational costs.

Corporate and Fleet Courses

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace. There are legal requirements governing work-related driving and employers must demonstrate the same structured approach and commitment to this issue as they would to any other area of workplace health and safety:

Clearly, as vehicles are defined as ‘workplaces’, employers must recognise that their duty of care must encompass vehicle safety and driving behaviour among staff.

Our program helps to establish a road safety standard for organisations and provides a set of competency grading benchmarks to facilitate individual driver assessment. In addition, it will provide a system to manage the driver training needs of the organisation whilst enhancing the company’s commitment to its internal Road Safety culture.


Research has confirmed the benefits
of interactive education systems
versus live instruction*:

• Learning Curve 60% Faster
• Learning Time 50% Less
• Content Retention 25-50% Higher
• Learning Gains 56% Greater
• Learning Consistency 50-60% Better
• Delivery Variance 20-40% Less
• Training Compression 38%-70% Faster

Our on-line programs allow individuals
to experience high quality self-paced

*Source: US Army, Xerox,
United Technologies and Federal Express

Training Structure

The Driver Safety Corporate and Fleet Training Course has a tiered approach that provides unprecedented levels of driver education and on-going support.

Driver Safety Australia would recommend that an initial Risk Assessment be conducted on each driver in your fleet, 

Each driver would be risk assessed annually in 4 (four) critical competencies and be rated in one of the following categories, this assessment will also qualify the licence status of each participant.
•    High Risk
•    Medium Risk
•    Low Risk
A jointly agreed training program tailored for your individual company needs and consisting of just some of the programs listed below would be developed and aligned to each rating.

Online Driver Safety Program

This 10 unit course provides the foundation for the driver management program. It serves as the initial induction tool and provides a consistent platform for the development of each individual driver in the fleet.

This course is designed to cover a wide range of driving and workplace road safety issues. The curriculum is divided into a number of modules. It offers outstanding flexibility which allows participants to work at their own pace.

Driving Clinics

Once the Level One phase is completed, participants can then undergo an intensive classroom-based training clinic designed to include a review of the learning outcomes obtained from the initial online program as well as expanding group discussions relating to on-road experiences.

This segment is available nationally

In-Car Training

The third phase involves a specific course at a driver training facility. It is a prerequisite that only drivers who have successfully completed Levels One and Two would qualify to participate in this segment of the program.

Based on a minimum number of participants, this full day program reviews the learning outcomes from the previous levels and integrates them into practical in-car instruction for the road environment. In-car training received at this stage consolidates the learning outcomes from the previous stages.

On-going Safety Updates

In the past, potential benefits of driver training were not fully realised because delivery was unstructured and inconsistent. To be effective, driver training needs a broad range of training systems and the opportunity for additional development. Participants need access to ongoing educational support to maintain awareness of safety issues. This is a key point of difference that Driversafety.com.au provides.

In this final level, corporate fleet participants receive regular safety tips and messages via SMS or email to reinforce  learning and help promote a road safety culture within the organisation.

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