Online Driver Training Programs

The online driver education courses from are designed to give all vehicle users a critical advantage on the road that will help make them better and safer drivers.

Whilst traditional driver training is desirable, it has a number of limitations including accessibility, cost, downtime and restricted delivery systems. Technology now provides the ideal tool to supply new, high quality training and educational programs to the motoring public.

A new generation of driver education is now possible and allows for a completely new approach to professional road safety training.

The online training programs are based on a graduated learning system that combines online tutorials and video coaching into easily accessible computer based training program.

The program offers unprecedented flexibility and enhanced learning outcomes for course participants. It also allows for an ongoing approach to further training to help keep drivers informed and up to date.These online programs use video training tutorials combined with detailed course content to focus on the sort of driver training issues that are simply not covered as part of the normal licensing process.

Why Online Training Works

At first glance, the benefits of an online driver safety program may not appear obvious. However, research has confirmed the benefits of interactive education systems verses live instruction.

Some of these benefits include:
• Learning Curve                      60% Faster
• Learning Time                        50% Less
• Content Retention                 25-50% Higher
• Learning Gains                      56% Greater
• Consistency of Learning     50-60% Better
• Delivery Variance                  20-40% Less
• Training Compression         38%-70% Faster

Source: US Army, Xerox, United Technologies and Federal Express

Customized Training Solutions offers a range of customized training solutions. These programs are based on a graduated learning system and provide all drivers with a critical advantage on the road that will help make them better and safer drivers.

The system also delivers uniform and cost effective road safety training to drivers around the world. It allows individuals to experience a high quality self paced training with unprecedented flexibility. Finally, it provides a vehicle for ongoing education programs to further compliment the course participants own driving ability in the long term.

No matter what vehicle you drive, We have a range of on-line driver training programs available to suit both individual drivers as well as corporate fleets. 

To find out more about our online driving courses and how we can help you, please Contact Us today.

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