Online and Practical Towing Courses

It doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced at towing or you’ve never towed before - you need a towing course from

Many drivers find out the hard way that towing isn’t as simple as it seems. is proud to offer a range of online and onroad training by professional instructors using your own trailer, caravan or motorhome.

Experienced drivers can sharpen skills, bust myths and ‘unlearn’ bad habits while beginners get vital information that can save your life.

Better towing proficiency doesn’t just mean safer travels, it can also reduce tiredness and tension as well as the inevitable friction and frustrations that occur between travelling companions when manoeuvring and reversing at the various stages of a journey.

Online Towing Course:

  • interactive session covers all aspects of towing including :
    • hooking up
    • connecting brakes and lights
    • setting off
    • handling characteristics
    • coping with problems
    • dealing with other road users
    • parking and reversing
    • disconnecting
  • gives valuable tips from experts
  • what to look for when choosing a towing vehicle
  • only $29.95

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Personal Towing Course:

  • we come to you at your choice of location (Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast, Queensland)
  • learn in the real world with patient one-on-one training by an expert
  • use your own vehicle and trailer or caravan combination to get ‘the feel that’s real’, not that of a combination different to your own
  • bring your partner along too and both learn valuable extra techniques to assist with parking
  • real value, from $345.00 

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