Practical Driving Courses

Driver Safety Australia conducts both full and half day In-Car training programs at regular intervals throughout Australia.

Based on a minimum number of participants, these programs offer the opportunity to develop driving skills and techniques in areas such as:
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Controlled braking
  • Driver setup
  • Biomechanics
  • Vision
  • Steering techniques
  • Concentration
  • Cornering
  • Hazard Perception

To register your interest in a In-Car Program, please phone 1300 264 199 or click here to contact us and tell us what your preferred training location would be.

One-on-One Driver Assessment and Coaching  can provide One-on-One coaching with our professional instructors to ensure 100% attention and focus is given to you and your driving.
The One-on-One program targets a broad range of participants and specialises in coaching a driver in real world on-road traffic conditions.
The program is extremely benefitial to the following drivers;
  • New licence holders
  • Employee assessments
  • Special needs such as the disabled and elderly drivers
  • Refresher learning

Please phone 1300 264 199 for more information.

Towing Courses also offers on-road towing training by professional instructors using your own trailer, caravan or motorhome. Experienced drivers can sharpen skills, bust myths and ‘unlearn’ bad habits while beginners get vital information and practice that can save your life.

For more information about our Personal Towing Courses, click here.