Carma 2nd Gear

Welcome to the CARMA 2nd Gear Online Driving Course.

The whole philosophy behind the Carma approach to road safety is to take your driving to the next level by providing you with information that isn’t generally covered in the normal process to getting a licence.

We’re aiming to establish a new paradigm in road safety by focusing your understanding beyond simply knowing the road rules.

It’s about complementing your current knowledge and looking at some higher order skills as well as the human factors that contribute incidents on the road.

The course is divided into three modules:

1. The Driver and Human Factors
2. The Vehicle
3. The Road Environment

Each module is followed by a quiz which must be completed correctly in order to proceed.  The entire course should take approximately 40 - 60 minutes.

Enjoy the journey and Drive Safely!

Code SCA - 2nd Gear
Fee AUD $19.95

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